Paper accepted at ICEGOV 2018


We are very pleased to announce that our group got a paper accepted for presentation at the 11th International Conferences on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance  (ICEGOV) 2018, which will be held on April 4 – 6, 2018 in Galway, Ireland.

The conference focuses on the use of technology to transform the working of government and its relationships with citizens, businesses, and other non-state actors in order to improve public governance and its contribution to public policy and development (EGOV). It also promotes the interaction and cooperation between universities, research centres, governments, industries, and non-governmental organizations needed to develop the EGOV community. It is supported by a rich program of keynote lectures, plenary sessions, papers presentations within the thematic sessions, invited sessions, and networking sessions.

Here is the accepted paper with its abstract:

Classifying Data Heterogeneity within Budget and Spending Open Data” by Fathoni A. Musyaffa, Fabrizio Orlandi, Hajira Jabeen, and Maria-Esther Vidal.

Abstract: Heterogeneity problems within open budgets and spending datasets hinder effective analysis and consumption of these datasets. To understand detailed types of heterogeneities available within open budgets and spending datasets, we analyzed more than 75 datasets from different levels of public administrations. We classified and enumerated these heterogeneities, and see if the heterogeneities found can be represented using state-of-the-art data models designed for representing open budgets and spending data. In the end, lessons learned are provided for public administrators, technical and scientific communities.

This part of work is supported by DAAD and partially by EU H2020 project no. 645833 (

Looking forward to seeing you at ICEGOV2018.