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 Registration for Modules

Registration for lectures (i.e. exams) is usually possible in June/December, for labs and seminars in April/October. Deadlines will be announced around the beginning of the semester. If you are a student of the University of Bonn or an Erasmus student, you have to register in BASISPlease find instructions here (including what to do when you missed the deadline.) Bachelor students having at least 120 credits can also use BASIS to register for master modules.

How to register for our master modules when you are not a computer science master student at the University of Bonn:

  1. If you are an Erasmus student, you should not need a paper registration form but follow this procedure. Use a paper registration form only if this doesn’t work for a good reason.
  2. Use the right paper registration form: – If you are a pupil/high-school student (FFF student), please check the respective information page of the examination office and use this form – If you are a master student at some other university (e.g. RWTH Aachen or B-IT), a bachelor student at the University of Bonn, or a master student in a programme other than computer science, please use this form
  3. Fill, print and sign the form, and bring it to one of the first classes of the semester.
  4. Your marks/grades for the modules will not be booked electronically, but you will receive a paper certificate after the examination. We issue certificates after the marks of the second exam have been finalized (usually within ~2 weeks after the second exam), and announce their availability via eCampus.
  5. You will have to hand in this paper certificate to the examination office that is responsible for you.
eCampus communication infrastructure

How to get access to eCampus (essential for receiving email announcements, and for accessing non-public material)

  1. If you are a student of the University of Bonn, you most likely have a Uni-ID (university-wide user account) already.
  2. If you are a guest (Gasthörer, Zweithörer, etc. = user group 4), you need to apply for a Uni-ID.
  3. The first step is to fill the application online form (Neuantrag = new application; Verlängerung = renewal).
  4. Then you need to hand in some paper documents and will receive your login credentials.
  5. In case of problems, please contact the help desk (InfoPunkt Uni-ID/University IT serviceseCampus-specific).


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Student Supervision

SDA provides Bachelors and Masters thesis in the area of Semantic Web and Smart Data Analytics. A more detailed description of topics is available whilst we also encourage students to come up with related or own ideas are also welcome. Students of the University of Bonn and others (if their study regulations allow it) can apply for those topics.