Lars Reimann

Picture of Lars Reimann

PhD Student
Computer Science Institute
University of Bonn

Profiles: GitHub, LinkedIn

Room 1.065
Endenicher Allee 19a, 53115 Bonn
University of Bonn, Computer Science

Short CV

Lars Reimann is a PhD Student at the Computer Science Department III of the University of Bonn.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Domain-Specific Languages
  • Program Analysis
  • Knowledge Graphs




Reimann, Lars; Kniesel-Wünsche, Günter

Achieving Guidance in Applied Machine Learning through Software Engineering Techniques Inproceedings

In: Programming'20: 4th International Conference on the Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming, Porto, Portugal, March 23-26, 2020, pp. 7–12, ACM, 2020.

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