Dr. Mohnish Dubey

Dr. Mohnish Dubey left SDA. The profile below reflects the status at the point of his departure and is no longer updated.

Senior Researcher at Smart Data Analytics,
Work Package Leader at InfAI Dresden, Germany.

Profiles: LinkedIn and Google Scholar
Personal Webpage: https://dubeymohnish.github.io

Short CV

Mohnish Dubey is a Senior Researcher at Smart Data Analytics and InfAI. Currently, Mohnish is leading the e-VITA project at InfAI, working towards designing a knowledge graph-based dialogue system to support active and healthy ageing.

Previously, he worked as a Dialogue Engineer and Researcher at Fraunhofer IAIS for more than three years (2017 October – 2021 May).

In 2021, Mohnish completed his PhD at the University of Bonn, Germany, titled “Towards Complex Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs“.

Research Interests

  • Question Answering
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Semantic Web
  • Machine Learning
  • Knowledge Graph

Demos and Website


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