Dr. Christoph Lange

Dr. Christoph Lange left SDA. The profile below reflects the status at the point of his departure and is no longer updated.

Senior Researcher/Head of EIS department @ IAIS
Enterprise Information Systems
Fraunhofer IAIS

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Room B3-236
Schloss Birlinghoven, 53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany


Short CV

Dr. Christoph Lange is a Senior Researcher & Head of the department at the Enterprise Information Systems of the Fraunhofer IAIS.

Research Interests

  • Vocabulary-based data integration in organizations,
  • Ontology engineering (including formal logic),
  • scholarly communication/research infrastructures


  • OpenAIRE
  • OSCOSS,  
  • SlideWiki
  • LiDaKrA
  • Industrial Data Space
  • WDAqua
  • SeReCo
  • Industry funding: Schaeffler, Telekom, Bayer, Professional trainings (Schulungen)


  • Semantic Data Web Technologies (every winter semester)



Collarana, Diego; Galkin, Mikhail; Ribón, Ignacio Traverso; Lange, Christoph; Vidal, Maria-Esther; Auer, Sören

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In: 11th IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, ICSC 2017, San Diego, CA, USA, January 30 - February 1, 2017, pp. 109–116, IEEE Computer Society, 2017.

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In: Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management - 20th International Conference, EKAW 2016, Bologna, Italy, November 19-23, 2016, Proceedings, pp. 272–287, 2016.

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In: Semantic Technology - 6th Joint International Conference, JIST 2016, Singapore, Singapore, November 2-4, 2016, Revised Selected Papers, pp. 315–330, Springer, 2016.

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Collarana, Diego; Galkin, Mikhail; Lange, Christoph; Grangel-González, Irlán; Vidal, Maria-Esther; Auer, Sören

FuhSen: A Federated Hybrid Search Engine for Building a Knowledge Graph On-Demand (Short Paper) Proceedings Article

In: On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2016 Conferences - Confederated International Conferences: CoopIS, C&TC, and ODBASE 2016, Rhodes, Greece, October 24-28, 2016, Proceedings, pp. 752–761, 2016.

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Caminati, Marco B.; Kerber, Manfred; Lange, Christoph; Rowat, Colin

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Auer, Sören; Lange, Christoph

Interlinking Data and Knowledge in Enterprises, Research and Society with Linked Data Proceedings Article

In: pp. 3–12, 2014, (Keynote at the 11th International Baltic Conference on Databases and Information Systems (Baltic DB&IS)).



Kohlhase, Michael; Lange, Christoph; Müller, Christine; Müller, Normen; Rabe, Florian

Notations for Active Mathematical Documents Technical Report

Jacobs University Bremen no. 2009-1, 2009.

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Lange, Christoph; Kohlhase, Michael

A Semantic Wiki for Mathematical Knowledge Management Proceedings Article

In: SemWiki2006, First Workshop on Semantic Wikis - From Wiki to Semantics, Proceedings, co-located with the ESWC2006, Budva, Montenegro, June 12, 2006, CEUR-WS.org, 2006.

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In: Proceedings of 13. Leipziger Informatik-Tage (LIT 2005), Sep. 21-23, 2005.

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Dimou, Anastasia; Iorio, Angelo Di; Lange, Christoph; Vahdati, Sahar

Semantic Publishing Challenge Proceedings Article

In: pp. 243–254, 0000.


David, Catalin; Lange, Christoph; Rabe, Florian

Interactive Documents as Interfaces to Computer Algebra Systems: JOBAD and Wolframvert Alpha Proceedings Article

In: pp. 13–30, 0000.

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Presenting Mathematical Content With Flexible Elisions Proceedings Article

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Kohlhase, Michael; Giceva, Jana; Lange, Christoph; Zholudev, Vyacheslav

JOBAD -- Interactive Mathematical Documents Proceedings Article

In: 0000.

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Lange, Christoph

Krextor -- An Extensible XML to RDF Extraction Framework Proceedings Article

In: 0000.

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Lange, Christoph; McLaughlin, Sean; Rabe, Florian

Flyspeck in a Semantic Wiki -- Collaborating on a Large Scale Formalization of the Kepler Conjecture Proceedings Article

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Lange, Christoph; González Palomo, Alberto

Easily Editing and Browsing Complex OpenMath Markup with SWiM Proceedings Article

In: 0000.

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