Asif Khan

Asif Khan left SDA. The profile below reflects the status at the point of his departure and is no longer updated.

Student Assistant
Computer Science Institute
University of Bonn

Profiles: LinkedIn, GitHub, Homepage

Room A110
Römerstr. 164, 53117 Bonn
University of Bonn, Computer Science

Short CV

Asif Khan is a Research Assistant at the Computer Science Department III of the University of Bonn.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Signal Processing
  • Knowledge Graph Anaysis
  • Bioinformatics



Kukleva, Anna; Khan, Mohammad Asif; Farazi, Hafez; Behnke, Sven

Utilizing Temporal Information in Deep Convolutional Network for Efficient Soccer Ball Detection and Tracking Proceedings Article

In: RoboCup 2019: Robot World Cup XXIII [Sydney, NSW, Australia, July 8, 2019], pp. 112–125, Springer, 2019.

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Kristiadi, Agustinus; Khan, Mohammad Asif; Lukovnikov, Denis; Lehmann, Jens; Fischer, Asja

Incorporating Literals into Knowledge Graph Embeddings Proceedings Article

In: The Semantic Web - ISWC 2019 - 18th International Semantic Web Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, October 26-30, 2019, Proceedings, Part I, pp. 347–363, Springer, 2019.

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Kulmanov, Maxat; Khan, Mohammad Asif; Hoehndorf, Robert

DeepGO: predicting protein functions from sequence and interactions using a deep ontology-aware classifier Journal Article

In: Bioinform., vol. 34, no. 4, pp. 660–668, 2018.

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Hasnain1, Ali; Mehmood1, Qaiser; e Zainab, Syeda Sana; Saleem, Muhammad; Jr, Claude Warren; Zehra, Durre; Decker, Stefan; Rebholz-Schuhmann, Dietrich

BioFed: federated query processing over life sciences linked open data Proceedings Article

In: Journal of Biomedical Semantics (JBMS), 2017.

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Khan, Yasar; Saleem, Muhammad; Mehdi, Muntazir; Hogan, Aidan; Mehmood, Qaiser; Rebholz-Schuhmann, Dietrich; Sahay, Ratnesh

SAFE: SPARQL Federation over RDF Data Cubes with Access Control Proceedings Article

In: Journal of Biomedical Semantics (JBMS), 2017.

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Alshahrani, Mona; Khan, Mohammad Asif; Maddouri, Omar; Kinjo, Akira R.; Queralt-Rosinach, N'uria; Hoehndorf, Robert

Neuro-symbolic representation learning on biological knowledge graphs Journal Article

In: Bioinform., vol. 33, no. 17, pp. 2723–2730, 2017.

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Tanveer, Muhammad; Khan, Mohammad Asif; Ho, Shen-Shyang

Robust energy-based least squares twin support vector machines Journal Article

In: Appl. Intell., vol. 45, no. 1, pp. 174–186, 2016.

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